Calendula Seed (Calendula officinalis)


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Alaska Seeds: Calendula Mix – Blooms of Sunshine for Northern Gardens

Calendula Mix: A Symphony of Colors for Your Alaskan Garden

Attention, Alaskan plant lovers! Bring the warmth of the sun to your gardens even on the chilliest days with our captivating Calendula Mix, a blend of sun-kissed shades that thrive in the Last Frontier.

The Calendula Mix is a joy for many reasons:

  1. Vibrant Varieties: This mix boasts blooms in golden yellows, fiery oranges, and subtle creams, offering a delightful palette for any garden space.
  2. Healing Properties: Not only are they a visual treat, but calendula flowers are known for their medicinal qualities.
  3. Cold Hardy: These blooms don’t shy away from cooler temperatures, making them a perfect fit for Alaskan landscapes.
  4. Bee Friendly: Attract beneficial pollinators with these bright, nectar-rich flowers.

Planting Guide: In Alaska, start your calendula seeds indoors in late winter or sow directly outside in late spring. They prefer well-drained soil with moderate moisture and a sunny or partially shaded spot. Before long, your garden will be dancing with colors.

Annual Flower that will self seed!

A stunning blend of yellow, cream and orange flowers

Our mix includes Fiesta Gitana and Snow Princess

Attracts the pollinators and can be used as a bio control

Soaking seeds for 4-8 hours aids in germination

Sow seed 1/4″ deep and space plants 8″-10″ apart

Garden tips and stories:

Our best seed savings:

Roughly 30 seeds per packets

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