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Seeds and Soil Organics started in 2016 with an idea to help Alaskan gardeners enhance their food security with a deeper level of understanding in ecological gardening. In 2019, we developed our seed program.

Our farm methodology is focused on regenerative agriculture and bio intensive farming practices. Building healthy soil, creating nutritious local food and saving viable seed is where we place our energy.

We are a small family farm with hard working hands. We are so grateful to you as a customer. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.

What does it mean to be an “ecological farm”? We do not use any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (organic or inorganic), or single use plastics to grow our seeds, vegetables, flowers, herbs, roots, tubers and bulbs. Our growing spaces are ecologies in which all aspects of the system are honored.

Our focus is minimal soil disturbance without tillage…meticulous care of the soil.

Alaska’s Seed Story: The Art and Science of Regional Adaptation

Stepping into the world of seed saving is like stepping into a dance. A dance with Mother Nature, where she leads and we follow. This dance has led me down a path of discovery and wonder, particularly when it comes to the concept of regional adaptation of seeds. And folks, there’s no better place to learn this intricate dance than here, in the far-flung reaches of Alaska.

You see, the idea of regional adaptation is all about matching the seed to the soil, the plant to the place. It’s about understanding that the seeds that thrive best in our gardens are those that have adapted to the rhythm of our seasons, the nuances of our climate, and the specific challenges of our region.

So, how does this play out in Alaska, you ask? Well, it’s a tale of resilience, patience, and a dash of stubbornness. Alaska’s extreme conditions – the long, harsh winters, short summers, and unpredictable weather – require seeds of a different kind.

We need plants that can handle the frosty bite of a cold spring morning and still bloom with all the gusto of a midsummer day. Plants that can race against the clock to germinate, grow, and go to seed all within our blink-and-you-miss-it growing season. And let’s not forget about the long daylight hours in the heart of summer. We need plants that are day-neutral, not put off by the sun hanging around longer than it does in most other places.

It’s a tall order, but you know what? I’ve found that nature is up to the challenge. Over the years, I’ve seen plants that initially struggled gradually become stronger, more robust, more… Alaskan. It’s like they’ve learned to dance to the beat of our unique drum.

But let me tell you, it’s not a quick process. It takes years, often decades, of careful observation and selection. It’s about noting which plants do well and saving their seeds, year after year. It’s about embracing the failures, learning from them, and then rolling up your sleeves and getting back to work.

Sure, there have been moments of frustration. Times when I’ve looked at a field of failed crops and thought about calling it quits. But then, I remember the successes. The plants that shrugged off a late frost, the ones that produced a bountiful harvest despite an early fall, the seeds that germinated despite a cold, wet spring. Those are the moments that fuel my passion for seed saving.

So, next time you sow a seed, take a moment to appreciate the journey it’s been on. If it’s an Alaskan seed, know that it carries within it the spirit of this land. It’s more than just a seed; it’s a tiny bundle of resilience, adaptability, and tenacity.

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We are so grateful for each and every purchase. Thank you for choosing us and supporting ecological farming and gardening.

We are a boutique style farm…we do not have a retail store. We are grateful for  Fireside Books in Palmer and The Roaming Root in Fairbanks, Alaska for hosting our seed racks. 

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please note that we do not have insurance for farm tours, work trades, farm pickups, visits, volunteers, meetups for seeds, bulbs, tubers or garlic.

We are fully staffed and we do appreciate your interest.

The Alaska Farm and Food Facebook Group periodically shares opportunities for volunteering, farm jobs and work trades.

Our catalog is digital- we apologize and hope to offer a print catalog in the future. 

We do not offer seed potatoes at this time.

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