We are a small Permaculture Market Farm located on beautiful Lazy Mountain in Palmer, AK. We teach, we grow and we save seed in this great land.

Come grow with us! We have so much to offer:

Arctic Permaculture Series: Learn how to grow, where to grow and how to save the seed (our classes are overflowing, please register early)!

Intensive Garden Series at the Market Farm: 3 days, 12 hours with a farm lunch provided!

Permaculture Design: Private Consultations to help you maximize your landscape- engage with your land again (book early as we close design consultations once the market farm season begins).

Garden Coaching: Hourly and seasonal rates available

Browse our Seed Boutique with all open pollinated varieties that we have tested for over a decade in South-central Alaska. From corn to pumpkins and everything in between! We are sure you will find something to please!

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