Strawflower Seed Mix (Xerochrysum bracteatum)


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Alaska Seeds: Strawflower

Transform your garden into a canvas of color with our Heirloom Strawflower Seeds. Open pollinated to ensure the most vibrant and enduring blooms, these seeds bring the unique charm and beauty of strawflowers to any landscape.

Our Strawflower Seeds hail from a treasured heirloom lineage, cherished and cultivated over generations for their distinct, papery flowers that maintain their color and shape long after being picked. These blooms, in a spectrum of shades from red to orange, yellow to pink, add a vibrant touch of everlasting beauty to your garden.

The open pollination process ensures a rich genetic diversity, resulting in stronger plants and more vibrant blooms. This natural method of pollination also supports a healthier ecosystem, aiding our invaluable pollinators.

Growing Strawflowers from our open-pollinated, heirloom seeds is a rewarding endeavor that graces you with a display of colorful blooms that last beyond the season. Suitable for gardeners of all experience levels, these seeds offer a simple and fulfilling gardening journey.

Choose our Heirloom Strawflower Seeds today, and let your garden flourish with the timeless beauty of these unique flowers.”

Key Features:

  • Heirloom Quality: Our Strawflower seeds originate from time-honored varieties, assuring an authentic and striking gardening experience.
  • Open Pollinated: These seeds are naturally pollinated, enhancing genetic diversity and resulting in healthier, more vibrant plants.
  • Everlasting Blooms: Cultivate your own strawflowers, known for their papery, long-lasting flowers that add a burst of color to your garden.

Garden tips and stories:

Annual flower grows to 40″ tall

Known as the “forever” flower or “glass” flower

Perfect in fresh or dried bouquets

Sow on the soil surface and barely cover. Keep soil moist during germination.

Roughly 50 seeds per packet


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