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Alaska Seeds

Alaska Seeds

We are a ecological farm located on beautiful Lazy Mountain in Palmer, Alaska. We save seed in this great land. Vegetable, flowers and herbs from our farm to your garden.

Giant Red Mustard

Giant Red Mustard is a staple green in our kitchen. This is my husbands favorite leafy green by far!

Perfect for companion planting with slow growing vegetables or flowers, mustard is a true “cut and come again”. Harvest individual leaves for sandwiches, salads or a stir fry. The large leaves can be used as wraps for a low carb and gluten free bread replacement.

Mustard is excellent combined with sweeter greens in “wilted” salads and perfect for some flavor in smoothies.

This variety is very cold hardy and withstands frosts with ease. Mustard is perfect for shade gardens and those that are a bit cooler.

Fall in love with flavor with an old fashioned green.

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Alaska sown-Alaska grown

Alaska Seeds Arugula

Arugula is another green on our daily menu.

The spiciness of its leaves and the tangy flavor from their flowers and seeds pods are unlike any other leafy greens.

Arugula is perfect in a stir fry, raw salad and even pesto!

This variety is very cold hardy and withstands mild frosts with ease. Arugula is perfect for shade gardens and for the cooler locations on your landscape.

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Alaska Wildflower Seeds

Some of the most beautiful wildflowers are found in Alaska…from fireweed to forget me nots. These flowers are relatively easy to grow in the home garden and invite many pollinators to the landscape.

Many flowers are self sowing and will broadcast their seed once the seed is mature and the pod shatters open.

From cottage to cutting gardens, wildflowers add to the whimsical nature to blooming spaces.

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