Cilantro Seed (Coriandrum sativum)- Leisure


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Alaska Seeds: Cilantro Leisure – Fresh Flavor for Every Dish

Cilantro Leisure Seeds: Essential Herb for Alaskan Gardens

Alaska, get ready for zest! Cilantro Leisure seeds bring fresh flavor. They’re resilient and perfect for your herb garden.

Cilantro, known for its culinary punch, is a favorite. Leisure is a top variety. It’s slow to bolt and stays lush longer. Ideal for salads, sauces, and more.

In Alaska, this herb thrives. It handles the chill and blooms beautifully.

Planting Guide: Plant after Alaska’s last frost. Place in well-draining soil. Ensure partial to full sunlight. Water moderately. Harvest and enjoy the aromatic leaves.

Annual Herb

Invites all the pollinators

Easy to grow and easy on the soil

Prefers a cold soil start- the early the better

A perfect addition to any kitchen garden

Roughly 30 seeds per packet

Our best seed savings:



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