Fireweed (Epilobium Angustifolium)


Embrace the vibrant beauty of Alaska with our Open-Pollinated Fireweed Seeds. These seeds yield the iconic Fireweed, known for its stunning pink blooms and resilience. Naturally pollinated for stronger and healthier plants, these seeds offer a touch of wild Alaskan elegance to your garden, providing a rewarding and eco-friendly gardening experience

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Alaska Seeds: Cultivate Vibrant Fireweed in Your Garden

Fireweed Seeds: Alaska’s Iconic Wildflower

Witness the splendor of Alaska’s landscapes right in your garden with Fireweed seeds. As one of the most recognized wildflowers in the state, its vibrant blooms encapsulate the spirit of the north.

Fireweed, with its tall stalks and magenta flowers, is not only visually striking but also holds cultural significance in Alaska. As the first to reclaim landscapes after wildfires, it stands as a symbol of regrowth and resilience.

Perfect for borders, wildflower gardens, or simply as a standalone spectacle, Fireweed is easy to grow and maintain. It’s also favored by pollinators, ensuring your garden remains a buzzing paradise.

Planting Guide: Given Alaska’s unique climate, it’s advisable to start Fireweed seeds indoors during late winter. As the warmer months approach, you can move these hardy plants outside, choosing a location that receives ample sunlight.

Attracts Pollinators

Do not cover seeds, but rather press into soil and moisten

Seeds are tiny-Roughly 100 seeds per packet

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Alaska Fireweed Seed


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