Purple of Sicily Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis)


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Alaska Seeds: Heirloom Purple of Sicily Cauliflower

Embark on a Sicilian Adventure in Your Garden with Our Purple of Sicily Cauliflower Seeds! As you plant these seeds, you’re not just cultivating a vegetable, but also a piece of Italian heritage. Our non-GMO, heirloom Purple of Sicily Cauliflower Seeds not only yield visually arresting purple cauliflowers, but they also come brimming with antioxidants and flavor.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Vivid Purple Heads: Start by nurturing these seeds and soon, you’ll witness vibrant purple cauliflowers, offering an exotic flair both to your garden and your culinary delights.
  • Packed with Nutrients: Beyond their visual appeal, these cauliflowers stand out for their rich content of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, positioning themselves as a true superfood.
  • Authentic and Pure: Moreover, you can garden with peace of mind, aware that our seeds maintain heirloom quality and are non-GMO, promising a genuine and healthy yield.
  • Resilience to Cold: Interestingly, these cauliflowers have a knack for thriving in cooler climes, showcasing their hardiness.
  • Adaptable in the Kitchen: Whether you’re crafting an Italian classic or experimenting with contemporary cuisine, their sweet, nutty undertone will undeniably uplift your dish.

Perfect for Culinary Explorers & Garden Innovators: For those who have an appetite for global flavors and love to grow unconventional varieties, Purple of Sicily Cauliflower Seeds are the way to go. Their mesmerizing color combined with their distinctive taste will undoubtedly shine, be it in traditional Sicilian recipes or more experimental dishes.

A Breeze to Cultivate, A Delight to Reap: Once you embed these seeds in well-draining soil and water them moderately, they’ll soon flourish, revealing magnificent purple heads, eagerly waiting to elevate your next meal.

Notice their captivating lavender hue and savor their sweet crunch. Although these heads display a charming purple, they turn green upon cooking.

With a size range of 5″-7″ for the heads, ensure you harvest the cauliflower before any separation is noticed, as this hints at imminent flowering.

Given their grandeur, they demand ample space, with a recommended minimum of 2 sq feet.

For best results, sow seeds at a depth of 1/4″. Initiate indoor planting in the tail-end of winter or onset of spring, targeting a fall harvest.

Each packet provides approximately 100 seeds

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