Carrot Little Fingers Seed (Daucus Carrota)


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Alaska Seeds: Little Fingers Carrot – Petite and Perfectly Sweet

Little Fingers Carrot: A Petite Delight for Alaskan Gardens

Alaskan green thumbs, meet your new garden favorite! The Little Fingers Carrot is all about compact charm and sweet rewards, perfect for quick snacks straight from the soil.

The Little Fingers Carrot has much to offer:

  1. Size & Shape: As the name suggests, these are small, finger-sized carrots, perfect for a quick harvest.
  2. Taste Profile: These carrots are known for their incredibly sweet and juicy flavor, making them a hit with kids and adults alike.
  3. Early Maturing: One of the quickest to harvest, they’re ready in just 55-60 days.
  4. Alaskan Friendliness: These little wonders are well-suited for Alaska’s unique gardening conditions, thriving even in cooler climes.

Planting Guide: For the best results in Alaska, start planting in late spring. They prefer loose, well-draining soil and a sunny location. Regular watering is key, but the wait isn’t long – soon, you’ll have a crop of tiny, tasty treats!

Garden tips and stories:

Open Pollinated: 65-75 Days

Good things come in small packages- this sweet 3″-4″ Nantes carrot will not disappoint. Excellent for new growing spaces and compacted soils. 

Sow as soon as the soil can worked 

Sow seed 1/2″ deep and space plants 1″-4″ apart

Seed germination is dependent on even/uniform moisture

Keep seed bed moist- not dripping wet until emergence is visible

Roughly 300 seeds per packet

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