Strawflower Seed Pastel Mix (Xerochrysum bracteatum)


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Alaska Seeds: Strawflower

Evoke a Sense of Timelessness with Our Pastel Strawflower Seeds! Transform your garden into a sanctuary of eternal beauty with our non-GMO, high-quality Pastel Strawflower Seeds. With their papery petals and soft pastel palette, these drought-tolerant blooms add a touch of grace and whimsy, reminiscent of a classic watercolor painting.

Garden’s Whisper of Elegance Features:

  • Enduring & Enchanting Blooms: Strawflowers are adored for their long-lasting, papery blooms that retain their color and form, perfect for both fresh and dried floral arrangements.
  • Non-GMO & Premium Quality: Our seeds are non-GMO and carefully selected for high germination rates and vigorous growth, ensuring a garden filled with ethereal blooms.
  • Drought Tolerant & Low Maintenance: These hardy flowers thrive in a variety of conditions and require minimal care, making them ideal for both new and experienced gardeners.
  • Attracts Pollinators: The gentle hues of the strawflowers attract a variety of pollinators, contributing to a thriving and sustainable garden ecosystem.
  • Versatile Aesthetic Appeal: With their soft pastel colors, strawflowers are perfect for cottage gardens, borders, pots, and as a sophisticated addition to bouquets and decor.

Perfect for Gardeners & Flower Enthusiasts: Our Pastel Strawflower Seeds are ideal for gardeners seeking a touch of timeless beauty, and flower enthusiasts looking for enduring blooms that make for exquisite dried arrangements.

Cultivate a Garden of Everlasting Beauty: Sow these seeds in well-draining soil with full sun exposure. Space them adequately and water moderately. Revel in the eternal charm as your garden blooms into a soft palette of pastels.

Garden tips and stories:

Stunning mix from pinks to peach (and everything in-between)

Annual flower grows to 40″ tall

Known as the “forever” flower or “glass” flower

Perfect in fresh or dried bouquets

Sow on the soil surface and barely cover. Keep soil moist during germination.

Seeds are small and light!

Roughly 50 seeds per packet

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