Rutabaga Purple Top (Brassica napus)


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Alaska Seeds: American Purple Top Rutabaga

Purple Top Rutabaga: A Hardy Alaskan Garden Essential

The Robust and Radiant Purple Top Rutabaga

Journey into the hearty realm of the Purple Top Rutabaga, a vegetable that not only thrives in Alaska’s diverse climate but also enriches its every dish.

The Purple Top Rutabaga stands out for multiple reasons:

  1. Vivid Appeal: Characterized by its deep purple crown and pale yellow base, this rutabaga is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.
  2. Rich in Flavor: Its flesh, mildly sweet and succulent, becomes even more flavorful after a frost, making it an Alaskan garden favorite.
  3. Weather Warrior: Come rain, frost, or snow, this rutabaga remains unyielding, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
  4. Versatile in the Kitchen: Mash it, roast it, or toss it into stews – the culinary adventures are limitless.

Planting Guide: Sow the seeds in a spot with full sun to partial shade, ensuring moderately fertile, well-draining soil. Given Alaska’s shorter growing season, early planting is key. As cooler temperatures arrive, watch the rutabagas sweeten and mature to perfection.

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Growing Rutabagas:

  1. Soil: They like soil that drains well, rich in potash and phosphorus. The ideal pH is between 6.4 and 6.8.
  2. Planting Time: For a fall or winter harvest, plant rutabagas in late spring or early summer. Aim to plant about 90 days before you want to harvest.
  3. How to Plant: Drop about 6 seeds every foot, just 3/8″ deep. Once they start growing, space them out so each plant is about 6 inches from its neighbor. Your rows should be 18-24 inches apart.

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