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Fun Family Activity with SEEDS!

Folks! A fun family activity to do with your children! Seed Tape! Our five year really enjoyed this!

For all small seed where spacing is critical to development: carrots, lettuce, beets and turnips…..any many others!


2 ply toilet paper

Tear toilet paper for the length of growing space desired. We did 4ft sections.

Seperate the layers of toilet paper. Each layer is one tape!

Mix together 3/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup water (this is the glue) and it should be the consistency of pancake batter).

Use your straw (anything would work here but the straw was a little more fun) and place a drop of “glue” onto each square of toilet paper.

Next, plant your seeds! One seed on each glue spot would be ideal but it will still work if there is more!

Lay the seed tape flat for about 2-3 hours until the “glue is dry”.

Once completely dry, roll up the tape, place in a bag, label and you have seed tape!!