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“Plant a row” for wildlife

During the growing season life is abundant across our landscape. Birds, bees, moose, ermines, foxes, voles and insects of all kinds can be found shacking up or passing through for hydration and nutrition.

Once we stopped removing all the plant material at the end of the growing season, it allowed the living roots from the harvested crop to finished their legacy and exchanges within the soil economy. This process vastly improved our soil but it also provided the necessities for life to return to the land…even in winter.

There is as much life on our landscape during the days governed by King Winter as there is in the days engrossed in the midnight sun. With the exception of the warm weather insects we still have life here- in the bitter cold.

Plant a row for wildlife this coming season. Design a space where flowers are allowed to go to seed so that our friends of the air can sustain. Allow the spent plant material of the harvest to give shelter to those that need a little more protection. The amount of joy that this has brought to my heart during the winter months is immeasurable. I hope that these small actions will bring you some happiness as well.

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