Pickling Cucumber Seed (Cucumis sativus)


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Pickling Cucumber Seed

Pickling Cucumber Seed: Unveil the magic of home pickling and elevate your culinary creations with our non-GMO, high-quality Pickling Cucumber Seeds. Specially selected for their crisp texture, exquisite flavor, and ideal size, these cucumbers are the stars of pickles, salads, and gourmet dishes.

Pickling Cucumber Seed:

  • Perfect for Pickling: Our cucumbers are specially bred for pickling, featuring a firm texture and just the right size for jars, making them the ultimate choice for homemade pickles.
  • Non-GMO & Premium Quality: Our seeds are non-GMO and meticulously chosen for high germination rates and vigorous growth, ensuring a harvest that’s both abundant and high-quality.
  • Rich Nutritional Content: Cucumbers are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to your diet.
  • Culinary Versatility: Beyond pickling, these cucumbers are also excellent in salads, sandwiches, and as a crunchy snack.

Perfect for Home Gardeners & Culinary Enthusiasts: Our Pickling Cucumber Seeds are ideal for home gardeners seeking the satisfaction of growing their own ingredients, and for culinary enthusiasts looking to explore new flavors.

Sow the Seeds of Crunchy Goodness: Plant these seeds in well-draining soil with full sun exposure. Space the seeds properly to allow for ample growth and water consistently. Harvest when cucumbers reach the desired size for pickling.

Garden tips and stories: https://seedsandsoilorganics.com/category/alaska-seed-company/

Great for pickling and fresh snacking!

Perfect for a hot house, greenhouse or tunnel, this variety can also be grown outdoors with extra care.

Time starting indoors so that transplants will be set out 2 weeks after the last frost date. Seeds need to be started 2 weeks prior. For Southcentral Alaska this is around May 21 for a June 15th transplant date.

Cucumbers will suffer tissue damage with cool temperatures so locate the warmest micro-climate available.

Cucumbers also do not like being transplanted- do not transplant deeply, only to the soil level.

Harvest these around 3″ for snacking and 5″ for for pickling.

Sow seed 1/2″ deep and use a heat mat to aid germination. Germination is best between 80F-85F.

Minimum 10 Seeds per packet

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