Nasturtium Blend (Tropaeolum majus)


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Nasturtium Blend: Jewel Mix & Salmon Baby – A Floral Feast for the Eyes

Step into a world bursting with color and charm as the vibrant Jewel Mix pairs with the subtle elegance of Salmon Baby in this delightful Nasturtium blend.


Our Nasturtium blend combines two exceptional varieties:

  • Jewel Mix (Tropaeolum majus ‘Jewel Mix’): This popular blend brings a riot of bright colors – from deep reds and vibrant oranges to sunny yellows. Its rounded leaves and cheerful blooms are both edible and ornamental.
  • Salmon Baby (Tropaeolum majus ‘Salmon Baby’): This variety showcases delicate salmon-pink flowers, adding a touch of soft elegance amidst the boldness of the Jewel Mix.

Together, they form a mesmerizing palette, making gardens and dishes come alive with color and flavor.

Why Choose the Nasturtium Blend?

  • Visual Treat: The blend offers a striking contrast – from the Jewel’s bright tones to Salmon Baby’s pastel hues.
  • Edible & Tasty: Both leaves and flowers have a peppery taste, making them perfect for salads, garnishes, and more.
  • Garden Friendly: Nasturtiums are known to repel certain pests, making them an excellent companion plant.
  • Easy to Grow: Perfect for beginners, as they’re low maintenance and adapt well to various conditions.

Planting Guide:

  1. Soil Selection: Opt for well-draining soil; avoid overly fertile grounds as it leads to more leaves and fewer flowers.
  2. Sowing Secrets: Plant seeds about 1/2 inch deep, spacing them approximately 10 inches apart.
  3. Sun & Shade: While they prefer full sun, they can tolerate partial shade.
  4. Watering Tips: Water moderately, allowing the soil to dry between watering sessions.
  5. Flowering Phase: Expect to see blooms in about 35-50 days after planting, depending on conditions.

Garden Tips:

Roughly 20 seeds per packet

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