Frilled Viola Frizzle Sizzle Mini (Viola cornuta)


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Alaska Seeds: Ruffled Viola

Frizzle Sizzle Mini Viola: A Whimsical Flourish for Alaskan Gardens

Dive into the Delightful Waves of Frilled Viola Frizzle Sizzle Mini

The enchanting dance of the Frilled Viola Frizzle Sizzle Mini paints a picture of whimsy and wonder, making every Alaskan garden a magical realm of blooms.

The Frilled Viola Frizzle Sizzle Mini (Viola cornuta) is not just another flower:

  1. Elegant Ruffles: Adorned with frilled petals, this viola is nature’s own couture masterpiece.
  2. Vibrant Spectrum: From hues of rich purples to soft yellows, its color palette is a feast for the eyes.
  3. Perfect for Cool Climates: Designed by nature to thrive in cooler terrains, it’s an excellent choice for Alaskan green thumbs.
  4. Compact and Charming: Its mini stature makes it an ideal candidate for containers, borders, or as delightful ground cover.

Planting Guide: Plant your Frizzle Sizzle Mini seeds in a spot that receives partial shade, with moist, well-draining soil. They love cool weather, so early spring or late summer is an ideal time for planting in Alaska.

How Long Until They Start Growing?

  • They’ll start sprouting in 4-7 days if kept at a comfy 62-68°F (17-20°C).

Planting Instructions:

  1. Transplant Method: Start by sowing seeds indoors 7-9 weeks before you plan to move them outside. They’re pretty tough and can handle a bit of cold.
  2. Planning for flowers in small containers? Start 8-9 weeks in advance.
  3. Just sprinkle a little soil over the seeds. Use a tray underneath or spray water gently so the seeds stay put.
  4. When you see their first real leaves, shift them to bigger pots or containers.
  5. Get them used to outdoor conditions gradually, then transplant them. Remember, these plants can handle a touch of frost.

Add a touch of frilled elegance to your garden canvas with the mesmerizing Frilled Viola Frizzle Sizzle Mini.

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Roughly 100 seeds per packet

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