Alaska Wildflower Seeds Bundle


Experience the wild beauty of Alaska in your own backyard with our Alaska Wildflower Seed Bundle. This premium collection features non-GMO seeds of iconic Alaskan blooms such as Fireweed, Forget-me-not, Wild Lupine, and Yarrow. Easy to grow and eco-friendly, these seeds are perfect for creating a vibrant, low-maintenance garden that supports local wildlife and offers therapeutic benefits. Ideal for gardening enthusiasts, nature lovers, and eco-conscious individuals

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Embark on a Botanical Journey with Our Alaska Wildflower Seed Bundle! Capture the untamed splendor of Alaska’s wilderness in your own garden with our exquisite wildflower seed collection. This non-GMO, premium-quality bundle features the iconic Fireweed, enchanting Forget-me-not, vibrant Wild Lupine, and ethereal Yarrow, handpicked to create a garden as wild and beautiful as the Alaskan landscape.

Garden’s Alaskan Odyssey Features:

  • Iconic & Diverse Wildflowers: Our seed bundle includes the striking Fireweed, Alaska’s state flower Forget-me-not, the vivid Wild Lupine, and the versatile Yarrow, representing the diversity of Alaska’s flora.
  • Non-GMO & Premium Quality: Our seeds are non-GMO, sourced from native Alaskan wildflowers.
  • Effortless Natural Beauty: These wildflowers require minimal care and are adapted to thrive in a range of conditions, making it easy to create a stunning, low-maintenance garden.
  • Ecological Benefits: Wildflowers support pollinators and local wildlife, and contribute to a balanced ecosystem. Planting these seeds fosters biodiversity in your garden.
  • Therapeutic & Aesthetic Value: The vivid colors and rich fragrances of these wildflowers create a serene environment, offering both visual delight and therapeutic benefits.

Perfect for Nature Lovers, Garden Enthusiasts & Eco-Conscious Individuals: Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a nature lover, or an advocate for ecological sustainability, our Alaska Wildflower Seed Bundle will connect you to the rugged beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

Cultivate Your Own Slice of the Wild Alaskan Landscape: Sow these seeds in well-draining soil, with exposure to sunlight. Water moderately, and let nature do the rest. Experience the joy of watching your garden burst into a tapestry of Alaskan wildflowers.

Garden tips and stories:

Alaska is well known for its natural beauty, epic adventures and massive salmon. A best kept secret is our wildflower blooms!

Bring part of Alaska home with this hand curated mix of some of our most stunning wildflower seeds.

This mix includes:


Forget me not

Wild Lupine



Sowing and growing instructions are included on each individual packet

Recommended for zone 3-8

Each packet contains .1 grams minimum:

Approx 50 Fireweed

Approx 50 Yarrow

Approx 50 Forget me not

Approx 10 Lupine

Approx 10 Iris

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