Zucchini Seed Black Beauty(Cucurbita pepo)


Cultivate the classic elegance of the Black Beauty Zucchini with our high-quality, non-GMO seeds. Known for its dark green skin and succulent flesh, this variety promises a bountiful harvest and culinary versatility. Perfect for health-conscious food enthusiasts and avid gardeners seeking both abundance and quality in their garden

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Alaska Seeds: Zucchini

Embrace the Elegance of the Garden with Our Black Beauty Zucchini Seed! Unearth the richness of nature with our non-GMO, high-quality Black Beauty Zucchini Seed. Renowned for its dark green, almost black skin, and tender, flavorful flesh, this classic zucchini variety is a must-have for any garden. Its high yield and adaptability make it perfect for gardeners seeking both abundance and quality.

Garden’s Elegant Gem Features:

  • Distinctive & Flavorful: Black Beauty Zucchini is celebrated for its glossy dark skin and succulent, tender flesh, making it a favorite for a variety of dishes.
  • Non-GMO & Superior Quality: Our seeds are non-GMO and carefully chosen for their high germination rates and robust growth, promising a thriving and bountiful garden.
  • Nutrient Powerhouse: Zucchinis are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet.
  • High-Yielding & Adaptable: This variety is known for its abundant harvest and adaptability to various growing conditions.
  • Culinary Versatility: Perfect for grilling, sautéing, stuffing, or adding to bread and salads for a nutritional boost.

Perfect for Health-Conscious Foodies & Avid Gardeners: Our Black Beauty Zucchini Seed is the choice selection for health-conscious food enthusiasts looking for nutrient-rich ingredients and avid gardeners aiming for a productive and visually striking garden.

Cultivate Nature’s Black Beauty: Sow these zucchini seeds in fertile, well-draining soil and provide them with full sun. Water moderately and keep an eye out for pests. Harvest young for the most tender and flavorful zucchinis.

Garden tips and stories: https://seedsandsoilorganics.com/category/alaska-seed-company/

A bush type of heirloom summer squash that is perfect for garden beds and large containers

6-8″ dark green fruits from very prolific plants

Squash is not the biggest fan of being transplanted so sow directly indoors 2-3 weeks prior to your last frost date or directly into the garden. Sow seed 1″ deep and water deeply. Easily use the mound method for increased soil temperatures.

Space plants 12-18″ apart

Minimum 10 seeds per packet


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