Borage Seed Blend (Borago officinalis)


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Borage Blend: Blue & White Seeds – Dual-Toned Garden Elegance

Step into the captivating realm of the Blue & White Borage Blend, a combination that paints your garden with both serenity and vibrancy.

Planting Guide for the Blend:

  • Soil Foundation: A sunny or semi-shaded spot with nutrient-rich, well-draining soil maximizes growth.
  • Sowing Dual Tones: Scatter seeds ¼ to ½ inch deep, maintaining around 12 inches of space between them.
  • Hydration Balance: Water consistently to maintain soil moisture but avoid over-saturation.
  • Anticipating Blooms: Seedlings typically peek in 7-14 days, hinting at the forthcoming dual-colored spectacle.
  • Harvest Pointers: Collect young leaves for a fresh taste and pluck flowers once they showcase their full splendor.

Safety Considerations:

The Blue & White Borage Blend is safe and beneficial for most. However, ensure you’re informed about its consumption, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking medication.

Blue & White Borage Blend: A Symphony of Colors

The blend of Blue & White Borage seeds offers more than just plants. It’s an experience, a journey from eye-catching visuals to delightful culinary adventures. Welcome a dual-toned wonder into your garden and revel in nature’s bounty.

Better than one is two! Two gorgeous colors to invite the pollinators to your home garden.

Our favorite! Self seeding, cold hardy and edible

Annual seed saving- seeds drop quickly

Set out as transplants after May 15th in the Mat-Su area

Interplant with any crops that require pollination

For all other regions: please confirm your last hard frost date prior to setting out

Roughly 30 seeds per packet

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