Permaculture and Regenerative Gardening Recorded Lessons


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Permaculture Design

We will learn how to locate the perfect placement for a new garden or enhance the design of an existing one. Learn the skills you need to create your own Permaculture Garden designs.

By applying the fundamental Permaculture design process, we will locate the existing microclimates on your property. Defining microclimates increases the diversity of food crops we can grow in the Arctic.

Regenerative Theory and Soil

This is the most important class we teach!

Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food crops. Come and learn as we venture “below” and learn how to care for the delicate yet persistent soil food web. We will learn cost effective ways to determine our soil type, pH, texture, soil tilth and how to care for your soil regeneratively.

Regenerative Horticulture

Learn how to restore your landscape and create a cultivated ecology. We have been using regenerative theory in our home garden for a long time. We are applying regenerative theory to our Market Farm and the gains are enormous.

Come grow with us! This is a new class that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Edible Landscaping

Join us as we explore Edible Landscaping for Alaska!

This class provides simple and effective design tools on how to create growing spaces throughout your home layout. 

Using traditional landscaping techniques coupled with a Permaculture flair- you will learn how create, design and implement spaces that are both functional and beautiful. 

Taking our Permaculture Design for Growing Spaces is recommended but not required.

Soil Amendments

How to balance your soil so that you can reap the rewards of the spring sow. We grow by the mantra “Feed your soil- not your plants”. Learn all the regenerative practices for caring for your soil.

“Who likes to eat what, when and how”

Food Forest Design

Another new class! Where do you fit into your landscape. Are you making the proper decisions for the land?

Learn how to manage your growing spaces effectively. Learn the tools you need for prevention of pests and disease.

Increase yields with decreased work!

Seed Starting 

We supply the seeds and the soil! Organic, Heirloom and open pollinated varieties. Everyone will go home with at least 72 seed starts. Starting seeds can extend the growing season 4-6 weeks! Learn how to provide your starts the nutrition and care they need.


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