Mushroom Cultivation at home (February 18, 2023 4 PM) Streaming Online


Workshop outline:

Cultivating Mushrooms: Growing your own mushrooms is exciting. To think that you can take ‘waste’ materials and get delicious proteinaceous food from it is mind blowing.  With some basic information and knowing where to find the necessary resources, you will be able to grow your own.

The plan is to talk about:

  1. Fundamentals of lifecycle of fungi 
  2. General principles for cultivating mushrooms
  3. Specific mushrooms: I’ll discuss which fungi we can grow, which substrates we can use, how to manage the process and when to harvest. We will talk about how to store and cook your harvest.
  4. Fungi for healthy soil and plants
  5. Mycoremediation 

Join our guest instructor Christine Wilcox:

Permaculture has been an important component of my life, even while pursuing a conventional career. I moved to Anchorage in 2002 after ‘retiring’ as Professor of Microbiology at Colorado State University.  Since then, I have been implementing and informally teaching permaculture design and biointensive practices for growing food, medicinal plants and fungi.  I have always loved foraging edible mushrooms and dabbled with growing mushrooms for many, many years with little success except for the mushrooms from a purchased kit.  After deciding to get serious about a decade ago, I happily began growing quantities of beautiful edible mushrooms. Now we routinely grow 50-100 lbs of oyster mushrooms and about 10-20 lbs of shiitake every year. The garden paths produce many pounds of king stropharia with each rainfall and their mycelium mitigate any petrochemical runoff from the road while making the best compost.

Please “choose me” at checkout as shipping should not be charged. Please note we limit class sizes as we provide “coaching” throughout the growing season.

This is a LIVE and online event. Registration information will be emailed 24 hours prior to the live event and will be sent from our teaching platform “Demio”.



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