Microgreens Starter Growing Kit (Includes Shipping)


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Microgreens Starter Growing Kit

Microgreens Starter Growing Kit

Discover the joy and flavors of homegrown microgreens with our all-inclusive Microgreens Starter Growing Kit. Tailored for beginners, this kit encompasses everything you need to cultivate a lush harvest of arugula, parsley, and red cabbage microgreens.

Microgreens Starter Growing Kit:

  • Microgreen Seeds: Dive into a hearty selection of arugula, parsley, and  red cabbage microgreen seeds (3) Harvests of each
  • Durable Growing Trays (2x): Crafted for multiple growing cycles, these trays ensure an ideal environment for your tiny greens.
  • Premium Soil Mix: Our mix soil offers optimal moisture retention and nourishment, ensuring your microgreens thrive.
  • Efficient Spray Bottle: Ensure consistent moisture levels during the crucial germination phase with our easy-to-use spray bottle.
  • Comprehensive Growing Guide: Unveil expert tips, detailed instructions, and secrets to get the most out of your microgreens journey.
  • Full-spectrum Nutrition: Microgreens are nutritional powerhouses, and with our kit, you’re planting a garden of wellness.
  • Perfect Gift: A delightful gift for garden enthusiasts or those venturing into the world of homegrown nutrition.

Grow, Harvest, Relish! Embark on a fulfilling journey from seed to plate. With our premier microgreen kits, cultivating Alaska microgreens has never been more straightforward or satisfying. Add to cart now and savor the authentic taste of homegrown greens in just a matter of days!

This kit includes soil and seed for 3 growth cycles and seed for 3 harvests of each variety. Add light and water and you will be on your way to nutrient dense greens.

Your growing guide link with be included in your purchase confirmation email. The link is located at the bottom of your purchase confirmation. 

For garden tips: https://seedsandsoilorganics.com/category/alaska-seed-company/

One of my favorite soil mixes: https://www.promixgardening.com/en-us/product/detail/promix-premium-organic-garden-mix

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