Microgreens (mini course) In person October 18th 2023


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Discover the Magic of Microgreens: An Easy, Flavorful and Nutritious addition to Your Plate!

Grow a burst of wellness right in your kitchen with our ‘Learn to Grow Microgreens at Home’ program. Microgreens, tiny but mighty, are packed with vital nutrients, add vibrant color and fresh flavors to your meals, and ensure your access to fresh greens even in the deep chill of winter.

Join us for a one-hour immersive experience that turns your green dreams into reality. Master the art of growing your own food, even if you’ve never so much as planted a seed before. Your greens will grow with you, from seed to supper.

Plus, we’ve got a special treat just for you! Your participation isn’t just about learning – you’ll receive a ready-to-grow kit to kick-start your microgreen journey right from your home. Say goodbye to grocery runs for greens, and hello to harvesting them at your fingertips.

Embrace food wellness and security by developing a life-long skill that’s as fulfilling as it is delicious. Our mini-course isn’t just a class – it’s the first step on a journey to better health, sustainability, and self-reliance.

Don’t wait! It’s time to bring the ‘farm to table’ movement right to your doorstep. Enroll today, and let’s grow together in this exciting new adventure!”

Space is limited for this event and each guest in attendance must be registered/purchase an event ticket. In person event held in Palmer, Alaska on Weds Oct 18th at 6PM at The Annex (247 S Alaska St, Palmer, AK 99645)

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