Kombucha/Jun Brewing- Date to be announced


Learn how to create small batch and craft brewed kombucha and/or Jun. We will explore the use of fruits, herbs and fresh produce to please even the most sensitive palettes.

We will share our processes on:

SCOBY care (health and vitality)

Testing options for pH, sugar and alcohol

Ingredient sourcing- how to use your home grown herbs, flowers and produce

First Fermentation

Second Fermentation

Third Fermentation



SCOBY recycling

This is a two hour LIVE online event that will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the LIVE event, the recording, class materials and presentation will be sent to you within 24 hours of the event.

Our classes are designed for one person in attendance per login. If you would like to purchase this workshop as a gift- please let us know in the notes. We can also send an electronic gift certificate.



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