Amethyst Bush Bean Seed (Phaseolus vulgaris)


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Alaska Seeds: Heirloom Bush Beans

Unlock the Gardening Marvel with Amethyst Bean Seeds! Turn your garden into a regal display of purple with our Amethyst Bean Seeds. We offer non-GMO, regeneratively grown seeds, promising elegant purple pods that combine nutrition with striking visuals.

Notable Features:

  • Bold Purple Hue: Cultivating Amethyst Bean Seeds yields vibrant purple beans, infusing both your garden and dishes with lively color.
  • Bountiful Production: Anticipate generous harvests from our Amethyst Bean Seeds. Renowned for their profusion, these beans satisfy both your eyes and appetite.
  • Speedy Maturation: In just 55-60 days post-planting, you can savor fresh purple beans. It’s an ideal choice for those eager to witness swift gardening achievements.
  • Climate Versatility: Regardless of your garden’s location, Amethyst beans adapt and flourish, showcasing their resilience across varied weather conditions.

A Must-Have for Every Gardener and Gourmet: Those with a passion for cultivating rare varieties will treasure Amethyst Bean Seeds. Furthermore, their dynamic color and robust flavor captivate both professional chefs and everyday cooks.

A Nutritional Powerhouse: Beyond their captivating appearance, Amethyst beans pack essential nutrients. Rich in vitamins A, C, and folic acid, as well as fiber and protein, they offer a nourishing touch to any meal.

Uncomplicated Cultivation: These beans prosper with just a touch of care. Simply ensure a well-draining soil, regular watering, and abundant sunlight. Plus, their natural resilience wards off many bean-related diseases.

Open Pollinated: Expect a growing window of 60-70 days.

When it’s time to plant, make sure the soil is ready. Plant the seeds 1″ deep and keep a distance of 6″ between plants. Notably, this versatile bean serves well both fresh or shelled. As an added benefit, frequent harvesting encourages more blossoms, promising continued yield.

Each packet holds a minimum of 3 grams.

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