Sugar Magnolia Pea Seed (Pisum sativum)


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Alaska Seeds: Snap Peas

Harvest a Garden Melody with Sugar Magnolia Pea Seeds! Let your garden sing with the sweetness and vibrant hues of our non-GMO, heirloom Sugar Magnolia Pea Seeds. These seeds produce stunning purple snap pea pods and delectable sweet peas that harmonize beautifully in both taste and appearance.

Harmonious Features:

  • Vivid Purple Pods: Grow enchanting purple snap pea pods that are a visual treat and elevate the aesthetic of your garden.
  • Sweet & Succulent Peas: Relish the incredibly sweet and tender peas that make Sugar Magnolia a gourmet gardener’s delight.
  • Heirloom & Non-GMO: Sow with confidence knowing our seeds are heirloom quality and non-GMO, ensuring an authentic and bountiful harvest.
  • High-Yielding & Climbing: These peas are high-yielding and love to climb, making them perfect for trellises and vertical gardens.
  • Versatile Culinary Performer: Fantastic in salads, stir-fries, or enjoyed fresh, these peas hit the high notes in a range of dishes.

Ideal for Garden Maestros & Culinary Artists: Sugar Magnolia Pea Seeds are perfect for those with a green thumb and a penchant for culinary creativity. The purple pods and sweet peas are sure to compose a stunning garden and culinary masterpieces.

Easy to Grow, A Joy to Harvest: Plant these pea seeds in well-draining soil, provide them with support to climb, and watch as they produce a bounty of purple pods and sweet peas that are a joy to harvest and eat.

Save big with our bundles:

Open Pollinated: 50-60 Days

Gorgeous purple pods with stunning green peas

Sow as soon as the soil can be worked sow seed 1/2″ deep and space plants 6″ apart

Minimum 3 grams per packet (roughly 20-30 seeds)

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