Green Tiger Tomato Seed (Solanum lycopersicum)



Introducing our Green Tiger Tomato Seeds, a true gem among artisan tomatoes. Specially sourced as Alaska seeds, these open-pollinated tomato seeds are a must-have for gardeners seeking to cultivate a unique and tantalizing variety in their garden.

Green Tiger Tomatoes are in a league of their own. With their eye-catching green stripes and elongated shape, these tomatoes bring a touch of the exotic to your garden. But it’s not just their looks that are impressive; the flavor profile of Green Tiger Tomatoes is an exquisite balance of sweet and tangy, making them an ideal choice for salads, garnishes, or simply enjoying fresh.

Growing tomatoes in Alaska requires special attention due to the state’s unique climate conditions. Alaska’s short growing season and cool temperatures demand early preparation and careful selection of tomato varieties.

Start by choosing cold-hardy tomato varieties,  which are well-suited for Alaska’s climate. Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost, using a seed-starting mix. Provide them with ample light, either by placing them near a sunny window or using grow lights, and keep the soil warm and moist.

As the last frost date approaches, begin hardening off your tomato seedlings by gradually exposing them to outdoor conditions. This process helps them acclimate to Alaska’s cool climate.

Choose a planting location that receives at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. Alaskan summers have long daylight hours, so make the most of this by selecting a sun-rich spot. Use raised beds or containers with well-draining soil, enriched with compost or organic fertilizer.

Protect your plants from cold snaps by using cloches or row covers. Regularly check for signs of pests or diseases and remove affected foliage immediately.

Harvest your tomatoes when they’re ripe and vibrant. In Alaska, the fruits may ripen later than in warmer climates, so patience is key. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in delicious recipes or fresh from the vine!


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Alaska Seeds: Green Tiger Tomato Seeds: The Striped Sensation for Alaskan Gardens

Add A Dash of Color and Flavor to Your Harvest

Vibrant and Unique: The Green Tiger Tomato isn’t your average tomato. With its brilliant green base and striking yellow stripes, it’s as much a visual treat as it is a culinary delight.

Tangy Twist on Traditional: Savor the rich, slightly tangy flavor that’s perfect for salads, salsas, or simply enjoying fresh off the vine. Its firm flesh holds up well in cooking, making it versatile in the kitchen.

Alaska-Grown Success: These seeds are meticulously chosen for their resilience and adaptability, ensuring they thrive in Alaska’s distinctive climate. With proper care, look forward to a generous bounty of these dazzling tomatoes.

Planting Tips for Alaska:

  • Seed Starting: Begin indoors about 6-8 weeks before the anticipated last frost.
  • Transferring Outdoors: Once the Alaskan nights are consistently above 50°F (10°C), transplant your sturdy seedlings.
  • Ideal Conditions: Pick a sun-kissed spot with rich, well-draining soil

An artisan plum type tomato with striking colors with on vine ripening.

As with most of the tomato varieties that are to be grown in Alaska, these need to be started indoors in late March or early April. Transplant date outdoors in the second week of June.

Locate the warmest micro- climate available and avoid extensive overhead watering.

Start seeds indoor towards the end of March and set outside the first or second week of June in the far North. Make sure to “pot up” frequently to avoid leggy plants.

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep and use a heat mat to speed germination.

Minimum 10 seeds per packet

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