Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed (Zea Mays)




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Alaska Seeds: Dorinny Sweet Corn – A Summertime Delight

Dorinny Sweet Corn Seeds: Savor the Taste of Summer

Introducing the Dorinny Sweet Corn, a true representation of summer’s bounty. Perfect for Alaska’s gardens, this variety promises a harvest full of flavor and texture.

The Dorinny Sweet Corn stands out with its juicy kernels and unmatched sweetness, making every bite memorable. Whether you’re grilling, boiling, or incorporating it into salads, its versatility shines through.

Especially tailored for Alaska’s unique growing conditions, these seeds ensure a bountiful yield even in the cooler northern climates. Plus, they mature earlier, letting you enjoy your harvest sooner.

Planting Guide: To get the best results in Alaska, start your Dorinny Sweet Corn seeds indoors in the early spring. Once the threat of frost is past, transition them to an outdoor spot that gets plenty of sunlight.

Dwarf sweet corn perfect for cold climates

Plants reach 3′-6′ Tall and produce 6″ ears with 3-5 ears per plant

Start seeds indoors around May 1 in Southcentral Alaska.

Sow in deep cells (8″) as corn does not like to be transplanted

Sow 1″  deep

Space plants 12″ apart in blocks

Corn is in the grass family and requires nitrogen application in 3 week intervals

Grow corn in the warmest microclimate on your landscape that is protected from strong winds

Can be planted in large 20 gallon pots

Harvest once silks have turned brown and the ear feels firm. Check one kernel by pressing your nail into it- if the liquid is clear it is not ready. If milky- corn is ready to harvest

Minimum 3 grams per packet