Dark Seed Bundle (10 Types)


Dive into the mystique of The Yin Garden: Alaska’s Dark Heirloom Ensemble. This unique seed bundle comprises ten open-pollinated, heirloom seeds, each with its own tale of captivating dark hues and robust flavors. From the earthy Black Krim Tomato to the jewel-toned Amethyst Bean, create your designer Alaskan garden that’s as enchanting as it is bountiful. Embrace the legacy of heirloom seeds and begin your unforgettable horticultural journey today.


The Yin Garden: Alaska’s Dark Heirloom Ensemble – Open Pollinated Seed Bundle for a Mystical Designer Garden. $4.00 per packet!

Step into the enchanting embrace of the Yin Garden with our bespoke seed bundle, showcasing deep purple, maroon, amethyst, and black tones that exude mystique and elegance. This collection is the ultimate treasure trove for Alaska gardening enthusiasts seeking to craft a designer garden with a dark, romantic twist.

Our Yin Garden bundle comprises ten mesmerizing dark-hued vegetables, all open-pollinated and heirloom varieties, ensuring a legacy that thrives through generations:

1. Black Krim Tomato – Savor the rich, earthy flavors of this dusky-hued heirloom tomato.
2. Black Poppy – Add a touch of drama with the velvety, dark petals of this captivating flower.
3. Black Magic Kale – Fortify your garden with the nutrition-packed, dark leaves of this kale variety.
4. Black Beauty Tomato – Indulge in the luscious taste and striking aesthetic of these deep-colored tomatoes.
5. Black Beauty Zucchini- Enjoy the tender, nutrient-rich harvests of this classic dark squash.
6. Scarlet Kale – A deep maroon variety that adds a regal touch to both your garden and plate.
7. Black Cherry Tomato – Revel in the sweet, rich flavors and near-black hue of these artisanal tomatoes.
8. Cosmic Purple Carrot – Delight in the whimsical hues and crisp taste of these otherworldly carrots.
9. Hungarian Black Pepper- Spice up your garden with the rich, robust flavor of these dark peppers.
10. Amethyst Bean – Complete the collection with the jewel-toned, tender pods of this heirloom bean.

This collection is not just a seed bundle; it’s an invitation to create a spellbinding, designer garden that’s rich in history and allure.

Embrace the mystical allure of the Yin Garden and cultivate a space that’s as enigmatic as it is bountiful. Order this open-pollinated heirloom seed bundle today and embark on an unforgettable horticultural journey.

Garden stories and tips: https://seedsandsoilorganics.com/category/alaska-seed-company/

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