Winter Luxury Pumpkin Seed (Cucurbita pepo)


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Alaska Seeds: Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds

Bring the charm of autumn and the warmth of the holiday season to your garden with our Heirloom Winter Luxury Pumpkin Seeds. Open pollinated for robust growth and bountiful harvests, these seeds provide a delightful addition to your garden and your holiday table.

Our Winter Luxury Pumpkin Seeds are part of a treasured heirloom heritage, cherished over generations for their golden, netted skin and deliciously sweet flesh. These pumpkins are ideal for baking, making them a perfect choice for holiday pies and other festive dishes.

The open pollination process ensures a diverse genetic pool, resulting in stronger plants and larger, tastier pumpkins. This natural method of pollination also supports a healthier ecosystem, contributing to the wellbeing of our essential pollinators.

Growing Winter Luxury Pumpkins from our open-pollinated, heirloom seeds is a rewarding and fulfilling gardening project. Suitable for gardeners of all skill levels, these seeds offer an easy and enjoyable journey from seed to harvest.

Choose our Heirloom Winter Luxury Pumpkin Seeds today, and let your garden, kitchen, and holiday table be adorned with the golden charm and sweet flavors of these exquisite pumpkins.”

Key Features:

  • Heirloom Quality: Our Winter Luxury Pumpkin seeds originate from traditionally cherished varieties, promising an authentic and rewarding gardening experience.
  • Open Pollinated: These seeds are naturally pollinated, enhancing genetic diversity and resulting in healthier, more abundant pumpkins.
  • Delicious Harvest: Cultivate your own Winter Luxury Pumpkins, known for their golden, netted skin and sweet flesh, perfect for baking into holiday pies.

Garden tips and stories:

Open Pollinated: 100-105 Days

Start in 4″ pots-creates a beautiful long vine. 

Sow when soil warms to 60F, sow seed 1/2″ deep and space plants 3′-4′ apart

Interplant with corn and beans in the traditional “Three Sisters” polyculture

Minimum 10 seeds per packet 



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