Cosmos Seed Seashell Mix (Cosmos bipinnatus)




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Alaska Seeds: Cosmos Seashell Mix – A Floral Wave in Your Garden

Cosmos Seashell Mix Seeds: Nature’s Artistry for Alaska’s Gardens

Bring the charm of the sea to your Alaskan garden with the Cosmos Seashell Mix. Renowned for its petal shape, reminiscent of seashells, this floral mix offers a unique texture and a splash of color to your outdoor space.

The Cosmos Seashell Mix stands out with its tubular petals, forming a shape akin to seashells. This blend showcases a range of colors, from soft pinks to vibrant reds, perfect to brighten up any corner of your garden.

With Alaska’s varying climate in mind, these seeds have been curated to grow with ease and provide a prolonged blooming season.

Planting Guide: In Alaska, sow your Cosmos Seashell Mix seeds indoors in early spring. As the soil warms, transplant them into a sunny area where they can bask in light and blossom into a sea of colors.

Garden tips and stories:

A whimsical flower…

Cosmos are delicately fragrant cut flowers and are perfect for cottage gardens

A blend of deep/light pinks and brilliant white

Cosmos have a photoperiod- starts seed indoors 10 -12 weeks prior to our last anticipated frost date for Northern latitude growers.

Roughly 20 seeds per packet

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