Pre Order for September Shipping: Hardneck Garlic blend 1 Pound


Hardneck garlic bulbs perfect for the Alaska climate.

Our hardneck garlic is a blend of German extra hardy, Georgian Crystal and Russian Red.

Each 1 pound of garlic includes 8-10 heads which provide 40-50 cloves.

Plant with the tip up 3″ deep and space plants 6″ apart. Mulch with straw or other weed free material.

Garlic will ship starting September 26th, 2023 regardless of the fall weather

Plant before ground freezes:  plant hardneck garlic about 4-6 weeks before the ground starts to freeze. This gives the garlic clove time for root development in the fall.

Garlic cloves need cold temperatures to root: Hardneck garlic needs 4-6 weeks of cold temperature below 40-45 F to develop bulbs.

Please choose “Garlic” at checkout for flat rate shipping. We are unable to offer pickups or meetups due to insurance purposes. Garlic will ship in a medium flat rate box only.

Planting too early results in poor growth and bulbing: You don’t want to plant too early or the garlic may have poor bulb development or cloves may rot.

Garlic is an agricultural crop that is subject to crop loss and can  occur in the curing stage. If any such situations arise we will provide a substitute hardneck garlic.

 Please choose “Garlic” at checkout for flat rate shipping or free shipping for orders over $75. 

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