Heirloom and Open Pollinated: Alaska Food Security Bundle



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Customer’s choice: 

Select 20 seed types (any). List your haul in the checkout notes and be prepared for any event.

Full size packets

Choose your 20 seed packets from the following:

Arugula (Rocket)

Arugula (Wild)
Aster Flower (Peony)
Bennings Green Scallop Squash
Black Beauty Tomato
Black Cherry Tomato
Blue Iris
Blush Tomato
Bronze Lettuce
Brunswick Cabbage
Bulls Beet
Bulls Beet
Canterbury Bells
Carrot (Danvers)
Carrot (Little Fingers)
Common Chives (Purple)
Detroit Red Beet
Dragon Tongue Bean
Dwarf Siberian Kale
Dwarf Taylor Bean
Easter Egg Radish
Garlic Chives
Genovese Basil
German Chamomile
Giant Red Mustard
Golden Ball Turnip
Kale Blend
Lemon Cucumber
Maltese Cross Flower
Moskvich Tomato
Pea (Tom’s Thumb)
Provider Bush Bean
Purple Top Turnip
Red Acre Cabbage
Ruby Lettuce
Scarlet Kale
Sugar Snap Peas
Sweet Alyssum
Touchstone Gold Beet
Winter Luxury Pumpkin
Zinnia Flowers



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