Fall Garden Seed Class (In person May 17th starts at 6PM) Seeds Included


Seeds included

Fall gardening in Alaska is all about timing..

Gardening lovers, take note. Join our unique gardening seminar on growing in the colder months, be ready to step up your gardening game this fall.

Learn how to grow 12 different of the coldest-hardy seed varieties and how to use season extension methods to lengthen your growing season. 

To extend the growing season and enjoy fresh produce well into the fall, fall gardening can be a wonderful option. Some important subjects that will covered in this class include:

After the growing season is through, it’s crucial to take care of your soil to help get it ready for the following year. We will discuss our methods for putting the garden to sleep.

Grow cold-tolerant varieties: Some crops do better in the autumn’s chilly climate. This class includes seed varieties that can withstand frigid temperatures. You may continue gathering fresh produce even when the weather changes thanks to these cultivars, which can frequently tolerate minor frosts and even heavy freezes.

Techniques for planting: Our planting and planning methods for the most successful fall garden.

In person event held in Palmer, Alaska on Weds May 17th at 6PM at The Annex (247 S Alaska St, Palmer, AK 99645) Space is limited for this event and each guest in attendance must be registered/purchase an event ticket. 

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