Sold Out! 2022 Seven Class Series Bundle (No Till Series)

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Join us! This bundle includes over 14 hours of live instruction and 40 differing seeds. We will learn where to grow, how to grow and how to save the seed.

Enjoy a savings with our seven class series bundle. We have included two seed starting sessions: our most popular Spring Seed class and the Advanced Seed Starting class.

In this bundle we include seven “Live” and online classes to be held on Weds evenings starting at 6:30 PM AKST.  Don’t worry if you are unable to make the “Live” class. All classes are recorded and all materials are sent out via email 24 hours after the event.

Advanced Seed Starting: January 12, 2022: 

We include 24 different varieties of perennial edibles, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Many plants need to be started in the dark days of winter here in the far North. We will explore the concepts, materials, design and functions of indoor gardening.

2022 Seed offering included in the class cost (Subject to change)

  1. Asparagus
  2. Strawberry
  3. Eggplant
  4. Melon
  5. Artichoke
  6. Hungarian Peppers
  7. Cherry Tomato
  8. Slicer Tomato
  9. Rosemary
  10. Onion
  11. Cucumber
  12. Amaranth
  13. Celery
  14. Thyme
  15. Perennial Alyssum
  16. Canterbury Bells
  17. Red Cabbage
  18. Garlic Chives
  19. Chamomile
  20. Black Poppy
  21. Foxglove
  22. Iris
  23. Yarrow- blend
  24. Winter Squash

Permaculture Design: January 19, 2022

Join us for a two hour workshop on Permaculture Design:

We will learn how to locate the perfect placement for a new garden or enhance the design of an existing one. Learn the skills you need to create your own Permaculture Garden designs.

By applying the fundamental Permaculture design process, we will locate the existing microclimates on your property. Defining microclimates increases the diversity of food crops we can grow in the Arctic.

Permaculture uses the unique aspects of your landscape to create natural systems based on whole systems thinking.

Soil: February 9, 2022

This is the most important class we teach!

Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food crops. Come and learn as we venture “below” and learn how to care for the delicate yet persistent soil food web. We will learn cost effective ways to determine our soil type, pH, texture, soil tilth and how to care for your soil regeneratively.

This class is based on Permaculture, regenerative agriculture and beyond organic processes.

Soil Amendments: February 16, 2022

 How to balance your soil so that you can reap the rewards of the spring sow. We grow by the mantra “Feed your soil- not your plants”. Learn all the regenerative practices for caring for your soil.

“Who likes to eat what, when and how”. Taste and aroma are markers of nutrient density-grow the most nutrient dense food for your family by using nature’s soil building processes.

We will discuss regenerative materials to amend the soil, how to compost, organic materials for soil fertility, cover cropping for the home gardener and recipes to make your own plant nutritional teas.

“Organic” Gardening March 9, 2022

Moving beyond organic gardening and into regenerative processes…..learn the concepts of: no till, use of beneficial insects, creation of new growing spaces, animals on the landscape and so much more!

Prepare for Planting: March 16, 2022

Growing spaces need preparation before direct sow or transplanting. Knowing the steps and the systems to install early in the season will save us time, effort and energy. We share our favorite tools, timeline and techniques for the most successful transplanting experience.

Spring Seed Starting: April 13, 2022

Heirloom and open pollinated varieties.  Starting seeds can extend the growing season 4-6 weeks! Learn how to provide your starts the nutrition and care they need.

We provide new seed types each year. We will have our seed types confirmed in March. Some examples are: squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and kale.

Please “choose me” at checkout as shipping should not be charged. Please note we limit class sizes as we provide “coaching” throughout the growing season.

This is a LIVE and online event. Registration information will be emailed 24 hours prior to the live event and will be sent from our teaching platform “Demio”.



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  1. Nancy Knapp

    Didn’t get to have my new garden over the summer. Too much hard clay after digging it up. Excited to start next summer. Excited what you have to offer.

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