2021 CSA Veggie Share


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Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between farmers and their customers, in which farmers commit to growing a seasonal supply of local and fresh food to customers.. Customers in turn provide financial and community support to the farmer.

By hand- our produce is a no-till, no tractor and human scaled agriculture system. Our fruits, veggies, berries, eggs and flowers are grown within an ecosystem in which soil is meticulously cared for. We do not use single use plastic for weed management nor do we use any organic/inorganic pesticides or herbicides.


Each week we provide unique and nutritious foods that you cannot find anywhere else locally. Our craft is beautiful food!


Our CSA is 17 weeks of the most delicious produce you have ever had (our customers remarks). We offer free delivery in Palmer/Wasilla with arranged delivery to Anchorage. 


Starting June 15, 2021 and ending October 8, 2021 each week you will be supplied with the most nutritious and delicious seasonal and local foods. 



“If you are going to eat, it might as well be beautiful”



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