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The Alaskan Seed Boutique

Welcome to the Alaskan Seed Boutique where we offer beautiful varieties for the home horticulturist and market grower.

We are sharing our top secrets to success for stunning flowers, Alaska hardy herbs and nutritious vegetables.

You will find tips throughout the boutique on gourmet meal preparation, Permaculture growing and food preservation.

Free seed with every purchase!

Help with our garden trials for our Alaska Grown Seed! We will send you our Alaska Grown Seeds for free. Share your success stories with us!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Heirloom Seeds

Just like your Grandmothers earrings or your Uncle’s rifle, heirloom seeds are genetic antiques that are passed down through generations.

Heirlooms have passed the trials, monitoring and preservation tests of our foremothers and forefathers. The skills and knowledge that we once revered- (to grow our own food and to share that knowledge with our children) are encapsulated in heirloom seeds.

Regionally/locally adaptive seed is seed that withstands the local environment (temperature, seasonality, photoperiod, seasonality, wind and precipitation). We can enhance our seed banks to choose heirlooms that can withstand the Alaskan growing space.

Highly diverse home growing spaces that are in balance with the local ecosystem are more resilient and less likely to succumb to pest and disease. Heirlooms add resilience and diversity. They also add beauty and nutrition.

Try one of our heirloom seed varieties and come to our seed saving class at the Wasilla Museum. We would love to talk seed with you!

Free seed with every purchase!

Help with our garden trials for our Alaska Grown Seed! We will send you our Alaska Grown Seeds for free. Share your success stories with us!




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Shop Seeds with us

It is with an indescribable depth of gratitude that we announce that Seeds and Soil will have high quality, non GMO and open pollinated seeds available for purchase in the next coming weeks.

This is a very exciting time for us! The choice varieties have been grown by us for nearly a decade in Palmer, AK and have proven tried and true to our environment.

We offer high quality, non GMO, open pollinated seeds that are sourced from ethical Farms throughout the United States. We also have several varieties of our own Alaska true seed in the catalog. We will continue to add our Alaska seed once field tested!

Our seed offers include organic and heirloom varieties so you can save the seed for next year. Please join us at our free Seed Saving class in June!

Please help support our Farm! Purchasing our seeds will help us as we to bring fresh produce grown in a regenerative manner to market.

Thank you all again for making our dreams come true! We are here to provide the highest quality classes, seed and produce……made with love.

Free seed with every purchase!

Help with our garden trials for our Alaska Grown Seed! We will send you our Alaska Grown Seeds for free. Share your success stories with us!



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Intensive Garden Series

Please join us for our intensive growing series in May! We will answer your questions! 

Based on Permaculture and regenerative gardening theory, we will explore and learn the following skills/topics:

In Depth Permaculture Growing

Permaculture includes growing practices such as organic and regenerative agriculture. Permaculture is design system that works with your home landscape to increase yields and reduce redundancies.

Preparing the growing space for planting:

From bed aeration techniques to the timely application of amendements and everything in between! Preparing the growing space for the season will set you off for success.

Garden Methods 

There are several schools of thought when it comes to the method of crop production for the backyard garden. Join us as we examine each method and help you to determine which work will best for you and your family.

Composting Methods

Compost is a wonderful addition to any home garden. Learn how to properly create compost that is safe and beneficial. There are a variety of composting methods- let’s learn the one that works for you!

Greenhouse/High Tunnel Growing

There is an art to the indoor growing space. Come learn the craft that not only extends the season, saves on the home budget and is extremely satisfying. Let us simplify the growing process for you.

Soil Amendments

How to balance your soil so that you can reap the rewards of the spring sow. We grow by the mantra “Feed your soil- not your plants”. Learn all the regenerative practices for caring for your soil.


Addressing pests can seem like a daunting task for the backyard grower. Let us simplify the process and provide you with the knowledge you need to defend your food crops. We will learn how to invite the assassin bug team to your garden to help defend your plants from infestation. We will also learn the flowers that should be included in every growing space.

How to determine Plant deficiencies

What is wrong with my plant? Plants speak a language that we cannot hear…plants show us any deficiencies in their appearance. Learn how to decipher common crop issues and how to correct them.

And so much more!

We will meet from 10 AM- 2 PM: May 20th-May 22nd.

The location of the course is a private residence in Palmer. Please note that we will provide this information upon registration.

Intensive Garden Series

Thank you for joining us! We will provide a lovely lunch and refreshments. We are limiting this series to 10 participants only.





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Events are Full! Arctic Permaculture Wasilla Series



Register Below!

Permaculture Design/Site Analysis/Microclimate: $30.00

March 21, 2019

We will learn how to locate the perfect placement for a new garden or enhance the design of an existing one. Learn the skills you need to create your own Permaculture Garden designs.

By applying the fundamental Permaculture design process, we will locate the existing microclimates on your property. Defining microclimates increases the diversity of food crops we can grow in the Arctic.

Soil: Regenerative Theory $30.00

April 4, 2019

Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food crops. Come and learn as we venture “below” and learn how to care for the delicate yet persistent soil food web. We will learn cost effective ways to determine our soil type, pH, texture, soil tilth and how to care for your soil regeneratively.



Classes will be held indoors at the Wasilla Museum and Visitor Center from 6:30pm-8:30pm!

The Wasilla Museum is located at: 323 N, Main St!