If you are going to eat- it might as well be beautiful

Seeds and Soil Farm, Palmer AK: “We teach, we grow and we save seed in this great land”

Seeds and Soil is located on beautiful Lazy Mountain within the Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Southcentral Alaska. Our standard last frost is Memorial Day weekend and you can have decent odds betting on a first frost the last week of August. This is a relatively short growing season for any tender plants and high standards for anything grown in between! 

At Summer Solstice we are nearly at 19 hours of daylight…..short day plants will have some challenges without proper sleeping masks (which is a must during the summer here). With our over abundance of daylight, our crops can grow pack on the size in a short amount of time. Our growing season also produces some monstrous mosquitos that are truly relentless without a warming fire on overcast days. 

“Grow big or grow home” is considered an understatement when discussing our states most popular ruminant; your fence should be as tall as a legal bulls rack. From apples to cauliflower there isn’t a vegetable that moose do not like (except for radish as pictured below). One evening on a farm walk I noticed that there were about 20 apples ready for harvest within the fenced area. I was a bit tired, so I put it off until the morning. At dawn there were 5 apples left- that moose hopped a 6 foot fence without a single clue left behind. 

We have our fair share of “pests” (although different from the Lower 48) but we have our own big breeds of slugs, aphids, sawflies, grubs and flies. To counter these there are powerhouses of lacewings, daddy longlegs, damsel bugs, ground beetles, lady beetles and so much more. Our farm is “eco regenerative, no-till, permaculture based, naturally grown, no plastic, and human scale agriculture”. We grow our food within an ecosystem of living soil, plants and creatures. Alaska sure does provide all the creatures…..we provide the seed and the soil.

Our farm business is diverse and as such we are resilient. To live in a land as wild as Alaska, one must hone many skills. Seeds and Soil Organics started in 2016 as a way to teach Alaskan home gardeners how to grow food in a regenerative manner. I am a certified Permaculture Instructor and I designed an entire curriculum based on my knowledge and experience. We have now taught over 550 Alaskans and have over 44 varieties of seed offerings. We have a humble CSA in which we offer eggs, kombucha, field cut flowers, herbal teas, organic care products as well as our Certified Naturally Grown produce. We also offer a weekly fresh sheet for any abundance from the field for those that are looking for farm fresh foods.

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