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What seeds are we starting this week?


These beauties really take the stage as part of an edible landscaping or in the Alaska home garden.

Artichokes grow slowly…and require a cold period (vernalization) to influence this perennial into growing a heart as an annual. There are many options on how and when the cold processing can be completed. Here is our process:

We start our Artichokes in 4″ pots and keep the temperature 60F-70F. It can take up to three weeks for germination.

We pot up as these giants slowly grow over the next three months. Around the end of April or beginning of May we set the starts outside when the temperatures are above 34F and below 50F for about 2-3 weeks.

Once all danger of a killing frost has passed, we transplant outside. Design and bed preparation is key as these show stoppers need a minimum of 4′ sq. ft.

Alaska sown- Alaska grown

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