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What seeds are we starting this week?

The light is returning onto the land as we slowly approach the growing season. In this interim period, the long season fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs can be sown indoors in the hopes of a plentiful harvest come fall.

This week we are starting wild or “woodland” strawberries. This edible ground cover is rumored to have been consumed by cave dwelling folk.

Bare root plants can be purchased and transplanted in early Spring as an alternative to having plants grown indoors for nearly half a year.

Wild strawberries can and should be divided in the early Spring once they are well established (about 3-4 years).

Perennial food plants require nourishment and protection from severe fluctuations in their local climate. Well aged compost is an excellent overall Spring fertility side dress.

These gorgeous berries do not store well and are best consumed fresh or preserved into your favorite treats.

We are tirelessly working on adding wild strawberries to our seed offering…fingers crossed for fall 2021!

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