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Heirloom Seeds

Just like your Grandmothers earrings or your Uncle’s rifle, heirloom seeds are genetic antiques that are passed down through generations.

Heirlooms have passed the trials, monitoring and preservation tests of our foremothers and forefathers. The skills and knowledge that we once revered- (to grow our own food and to share that knowledge with our children) are encapsulated in heirloom seeds.

Regionally/locally adaptive seed is seed that withstands the local environment (temperature, seasonality, photoperiod, seasonality, wind and precipitation). We can enhance our seed banks to choose heirlooms that can withstand the Alaskan growing space.

Highly diverse home growing spaces that are in balance with the local ecosystem are more resilient and less likely to succumb to pest and disease. Heirlooms add resilience and diversity. They also add beauty and nutrition.

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