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Shop Seeds with us

It is with an indescribable depth of gratitude that we announce that Seeds and Soil will have high quality, non GMO and open pollinated seeds available for purchase in the next coming weeks.

This is a very exciting time for us! The choice varieties have been grown by us for nearly a decade in Palmer, AK and have proven tried and true to our environment.

We offer high quality, non GMO, open pollinated seeds that are sourced from ethical Farms throughout the United States. We also have several varieties of our own Alaska true seed in the catalog. We will continue to add our Alaska seed once field tested!

Our seed offers include organic and heirloom varieties so you can save the seed for next year. Please join us at our free Seed Saving class in June!

Please help support our Farm! Purchasing our seeds will help us as we to bring fresh produce grown in a regenerative manner to market.

Thank you all again for making our dreams come true! We are here to provide the highest quality classes, seed and produce……made with love.

Free seed with every purchase!

Help with our garden trials for our Alaska Grown Seed! We will send you our Alaska Grown Seeds for free. Share your success stories with us!



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