What we do….

Good Morning Folks!

We wanted to share some background information about what we do and who we are!
We (there are three of us) teach Arctic Permaculture Growing, we do Permaculture Design (residential and commercial), we provide over 10 low cost classes per year, movie events and free introductory classes.
We teach from Seed (how to save seed, which varieties to grow, where to purchase seed)
 Soil (how to care for your soil, how to enhance your fungi to bacteria ratio, increase the soil the food web activity)
everything in-between (seed starting, hardening off, transplanting, water/irrigation systems, green house growing, compost building, soil amendments, integrative pest management, plant deficiencies, season extenders and cover crops)!
We do it as low cost as humanly possible!
We want everyone to feel the joy of a successful harvest! We want Alaskans to be resilient and enhance our food security!
We share local business information and other classes/events because there are some awesome people doing some awesome work out there!
All three of us work during the day and Seeds and Soil is a way for us to share our collective knowledge and passion. So if you send us a message/email and we don’t respond instantly, please be patient with us!
We are so excited about this years series and the fantastic events that we have lined up.
Thank you to everyone for supporting our mission!

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