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Unable to come to the live class? Presentations are tailored so they can be viewed online. Questions are welcomed!


Our live classes are full…..BUT
We prepare the same class in an online version!
$10 per class! 
We will email the access link Saturdays after the live class!
Here is our class schedule: If you would like to take a class, please add the # of classes to your cart. Please email us the list of classes you like as our check out function is rather simple.

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March 29, 2018: Permaculture Design/Site Analysis/Microclimates

We will learn how to locate the perfect placement for a new garden or enhance the design of an existing one. By applying the fundamental Permaculture design process, we will locate the existing microclimates on your property. Defining microclimates increases the diversity of food crops we can grow in the Arctic.

April 12, 2018: Soil: The Food Web/Types/Properties

Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food crops. Come and learn as we venture “below” and learn how to care for the delicate yet persistent soil food web. We will learn cost effective ways to determine our soil type, pH, texture and tilth.


May 10, 2018: Prepare for Planting: Mulch/Water

Food growing spaces need preparation before direct sow or transplanting. Knowing the steps and the systems to install early in the season will save us time (so we can fish)! Following several Permaculture techniques, we will explore all the benefits that mulch ha stop offer. Most mulch material we can obtain for free! Water is a critical resource especially in the dry summers under the midnight sun. We will learn how to use water catchment in our growing spaces.

May 24, 2018: Transplanting: Hardening Off/Compost

Right around this time everyone is ready to set those beautiful starts outside….NOT YET! Transplants need a gradual introduction to the Summer Sun. We make the hardening off process easy. In this class we will also explore composting in depth with free recipes and how to guides to ensure a safe and healthy compost.

June 7, 2018: Greenhouse Gardening

We play the role of Mother Nature when we grow in the greenhouse. Learn expert tips of proper humidity, water, amendments and hand pollination.

June 21, 2018: Soil Amendments/Integrative Pest Management

Feed the soil web! We will make our own fertilizers! Integrating beneficial insects into our garden reduces the need to use pesticides!

July 12, 2018: Plant Health: Vitality

What is wrong with my plant? We will explore plant deficiencies and how to correct them. Its not too late to save your crop!

July 26, 2018: Season Extenders/Cover Crops

Season extenders come in variety of shapes, sizes and materials. We will explore all of the options that are unique to Alaska and then some! 
The benefits of using cover crops are too long to list….come learn how to build your soil even in the winter!

August 9, 2018: Seed Saving/Winter Harvest Gardens

Saving seed is like putting money in the bank. It can be a little overwhelming for the novice though. We make it easy, simple and fun.















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