Seeds: The Future

It is from one seed that an entire forest can grow. It is from one seed that we (the people) are able to eat. The power of one. Seeds are embryos that carry with them the future. What an amazing encapsilation of energy that is held within a tiny husk.

For the Far North Growers, we know that starting seeds indoors will provide us with an extension in our growing season. We are able to grow artichokes, celery, peppers and many others by starting seeds weeks and months ahead of time.

Now is the time to sow many long season plants. In our home, it is an exciting time! Our (almost) 5 year old daughter starts many seeds on her own. She reveres each one as if they were little babies, snuggled in their mothers arms. When the first sprouts appear, she speaks to them and welcomes them into the world. Just as our daughter is the future, so are seeds.

Seeds sprout and grow into nourishment. Nourishment that is energy that fuels our bodies. Yet, seeded plants also provide habitat for beneficial insects, food for pollinators and feed our soil. Seeds are a renewable resource that if we manage properly increases the diversity in our food systems.

So when we hear that folks are sowing their seeds under the midnight sun, they are doing more than growing food….they are securing our future.


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