Seed Saving

Oh the joy!

We are still in the middle of winter in Alaska…but that is not stopping us. We are on the seed starting cycle. Every week and a half, 560 seeds are started. What does seed starting have to do with seed saving?

Last year, we grew edible and sellable sweet corn outside. We planted in polycultures, increased our soil organic matter and managed our microclimates.


There are not a lot of folks growing corn outside, so we didn’t need to worry about isolation distance (corn is wind pollinated and varieties need to be separated by at least 1,000 ft).

We crossed two different sweet corn varieties that we had grown in the past. We saved the seed and this is our first year planting trial.

Some folks would say that corn should only be direct sow and that they do not like to be transplanted. We have not had that experience….we start our corn early and apply environmental pressures to the transplants (cold temperatures and wind) early on.

Our hope is that we can produce a hardy seed that can be grown so we all can enjoy Alaska Grown Sweet Corn.

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