Arctic Permaculture Garden Series


Our series is Full! Thank you Everyone!


All of our presentations are available online after the live class takes place!

Our policy: If you are unable to attend a “live” class but have made payment, we will provide the online presentation and credit your account $5.00 towards a future course.


Online Presentations

Unable to come to the live class? Presentations are tailored so they can be viewed online. Questions are welcomed!


4 Comments on “Arctic Permaculture Garden Series

  1. I would like to attend these courses, but I live in East Anchorage and cannot get to Palmer easily. Is there some sort of carpooling available?


    • Hi Barbara,

      We are going to send out a message to the group of folks who are already registered and see if anyone is coming/going to Anchorage. We think that most folks live in the Valley….but we will check!

      We do have all the presentations available in an online version. The presentation we provide in the live class is narrated first… we record each slide and then link it to the slide. There are 3 people that are doing the online version only.

      For us, we feel that the online version is great…..yet, it is missing the hands-on and community of the live class. For the folks that are doing the online only, we meet with them and give a micro seed starting lesson (we bring the seeds and the soil) but they have the recorded seed starting presentation also.

      The first 2 classes are very lecture heavy as we are discussing Permaculture design and soil building. The next 8 classes have some lecture but a lot of hands on. We take the information we learned in the first 2 classes and apply to real growing situations.

      As soon as we hear back, we will let you know!

      Have a great day!


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